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Softlink  is a template for shortcut links you can earn money by starting your shortening of cash links service.​ It has many features, including that it is light and elegant and fast and supports a lot of beautiful unlike about the original script template​

Why do you need to update your adlinkfly theme !

  1. This theme is AdSense optimized and very lite size that makes faster page load speed and reduces bandwidth usage.
  2. Unique designs that make your website more attractive and make huge different than your competitor’s website because they usage default theme that doesn’t look good.
  3. Just one-time purchase only with front-end theme with full support.
  4. Easy to install and it supports all versions & You will get more updates in future without any cost.


  • Reduced use of images
  • Elegant design for the payment rate page
  • Beautifully designed login page
  • Compatible with the latest versions
  • Compatible with all phones and mobile devices
  • Compress all important files to increase browsing speed
  • View customer certificates and payment methods in the interface

VERSION 1.0.0 –SEPTEMBER 28, 2019


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September 28, 2019
November 18, 2021
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